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Rayonics Int. and Rayman Tech joined  to offer a full range of quality control systems for the food industry.

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Rayon MX100

The RAYON MX100 is a system unit especially suited to inspect small and medium size tins up to 500 g. The unit can be equipped with 1 or 2 beams and has been designed to satisfy IP 65 protection rating, to be installed in a wet area. These features and some others peculiarities, ensures unrivalled […]

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The RAYON X3 X-ray inspection system is the latest development of the “ScanVision” technology. It uses a unique 3 beam X-ray technique that allows contaminant detection in the most difficult container sizes and shapes, as well as in presence of product density variations. (more…)

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ScanVision Technology

WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN QUALITY AND PERFECTION IS JUST THE POINT OF VIEW. ScanVision technology with “Adjustable Point of View” allows to adapt the inspection system to all kind of containers, reaching the best performances for each jar size. This “unique” point of view aligned on the jar cap, allows at the same time […]

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