Rayon MX100

MX100The RAYON MX100 is a system unit especially suited to inspect small and medium size tins up to 500 g. The unit can be equipped with 1 or 2 beams and has been designed to satisfy IP 65 protection rating, to be installed in a wet area.
These features and some others peculiarities, ensures unrivalled flexibility to equip existing production lines with X-Ray control.
MX100 is able to inspect top–down or from the side, (or even a combination of the two) to cover 99.9% of the volume inspected, using both adjustable point of view.
Without having to space the cans, this X-Ray unit is able to inspect and reject products at a real speed of 110m/min. (up to 1400 cans/min. Ø 50mm).

DT – Rayon MX100 lattine-UK

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