Data tracking

barcode scanner

The industrial food sector is one of the most diverse and complex sectors and ranges from the pastry sector to the pasta sector, from the milk processing sector to the cannery industry.

The efficiency of a company is especially measured in the productive departments. What is important is to assure safety and hygiene, the calculation and memorization of production parameters with the registration of the relating documentation, the tracking down of the products and of the batches.

Tracking down the product is therefore a distinguishing mark on the market and enhances the intrinsic quality image of the company and of its products. Referring every productive activity to quality and production standards and specific regulations has become the number one requirement for these companies, from the origin and supply of the raw materials to the sales and distribution phases of the final products to the final consumer.

Rayonics systems are configured for an easy data exchange with other equipments and for remote service tools.
Besides, a specific program called “X Data TRACE”, which includes statistical functions and data sort ones, is able to show on any computers the production events, even the old ones such as:

  • All kind of inspection’s events, including counters of good and bad products, related to production’s dates and  time.

  • Images of rejected products.

  • All messages and machine events list like (start, stop, shutdown, alarms, calibration, reset, maintenance etc.)

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